Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival has been organically growing in size and stature since 2010. Starting out in year 1 with just 5000 attendees it now attracts almost 26,000 audiences throughout the month long festival to appreciate, celebrate and debate great contemporary art.

Why sponsor

The festival is always looking for sponsors to help support the growth of the festival. Sponsorship of festival will:

  • Support local up and coming artists showcase their work
  • Help facilitate bringing nationally recognised artists to Warrington
  • Help keep the majority of our exhibitions free and accessible for all
  • Support the town and local economy
  • Support your CSR objectives
  • Help promote your brand and awareness with our audiences

The organiser of the event is Culture Warrington which is a registered charity. This means that all sponsorship money is ploughed back into the successful development and delivery of the festival.

We’re happy to work to your budget and objectives and advise you of the best opportunities for you - if you’d like more information on how to sponsor the festival, please email us.

Impact of the Festival

The Festival is a unique opportunity for audiences and artists to participate with contemporary art, but also generates significant wider benefits to the town and borough. Below there is some narrative and statistics from our independently conducted evaluation report of the festival in 2014.

Growing Warrington’s Economy

Beyond these positive contributions to the town’s image, the festival has contributed an estimated £100,000 in economic impact value to the local economy and for every £1 in funding secured to deliver the festival; a further £3.38 has been appropriated in value for Warrington’s local economy.

Enhancing Warrington’s Reputation & Image

It is clear from the audience feedback that the festival has contributed to a strong ‘sense of community’ in the town and helped to develop a clear sense of pride. Many audience members also spoke about the vibrancy and buzz generated by the festival. Their unprompted comments provide clear evidence of the festival’s contribution to Warrington’s image as a vibrant, ‘happening’ and friendly place to live as well as one that rivals much larger neighbouring destinations in terms of its cultural standing, diversity and creativity.

Attracting Significant, Highly Engaged Audiences

Almost 26,000 audiences engaged: online; attending exhibitions, shows and outdoor events; workshops; or, taking active roles in the delivery of the festival as artists and/or volunteers.

The profile of audiences attending the festival confirms its wide appeal. It has been particularly successful in engaging those groups who are already highly engaged in arts activities and likely to be discerning in their preferences. The findings indicate that it has been of a sufficiently high quality to attract audiences with a high risk appetite.

Audience loyalty is apparent. Their level of satisfaction is indicates that 99% of audiences said they were likely to recommend the festival to others.

Sponsorship Options

We can create a tailored sponsorship package to suit your objectives and your budget. You might have a very clear idea of how you want to contribute. In which case, please just get in touch and we can arrange for a conversation. 

If you’re not so sure and need some inspiration – here’s some ideas below of what you could contribute and how we’d show our appreciation.

Launch Night – Early VIP Gallery Opening & Hosting - £750

Launch night of the Contemporary Arts Festival usually has about 60 attendees who take part in a Cultural crawl between the Gallery at Bank Quay House, The Museum & Art Gallery and the Pyramid. The Museum and Art Gallery is due to receive visitors at 7pm.

Our launch night sponsor would have an exclusive early reception at the Museum at 6pm exclusively for invited 50 guests for a first look preview of the work being presented. Once the venue opens to the public at 7pm – sponsor guests are welcome to stay. Sponsor branding will be displayed around the galleries as an official sponsor throughout the award presentations.

  • Exclusive early preview for sponsor and up to 50 invited guests
  • Canapés and bubbly on entrance provided for invited guests
  • Branding as sponsor at public opening
  • Sponsors branding on throughout awards for arts open competition
  • Thank you and branding on the website

Artist Prize Money Sponsorship - £150 to £800

Winners of the two Open competitions – Art and Photography – each receive a cash prize. There are approximately 250 entries, 80-90 displayed and 4 winners. There is a sum of £250 for each of the first prize places and a sum of £150 for the two second placed artists. Your business could sponsor one or all of the awards.

  • Sponsor representatives to present the award(s)
  • Branding around venue on launch night
  • Thank you and branding on the website